Balanced Soils:
For Farm, Environment, & Community

Our Mission

Forster Soil Management (FSM) provides consulting and other services for commercial agriculture and home gardening, focusing on economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture, and improving the nutritional quality of foods, through a healthy, mineralized soil.

Why FSM?

Lets look at an average farm acre... you put down 200 lbs of Nitrogen, 100 lbs of Phosphates, 100 lbs of Potassium (N,P,K) and 500 lbs of lime. You do this for decades.

Every year you harvest 10,000 lbs of crops. This removes much of what you apply.

But each crop also needs, and removes, other minerals. Calcium and Magnesium in relatively large quantities. They also need the so-called trace minerals, Boron, Sulfur, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Iodine, many pounds of those did you apply? None?

Then where are they coming from? How many of those are water soluble? If they aren't water soluble, then how are your crops getting them.

Did you switch to GMO seed because of failing crops? They seem to work better because the GMO seeds are bred not to need some (or any) of the trace minerals (which are then not incorporated into the food that you're growing).

Once you stop killing the microbes, bacteria and fungi, with harmful chemical fertilizers, your soil can start to make available the naturally occurring trace minerals, but what if your soil doesn't have much Boron or Manganese to start with? Where is it going to come from. This is why many farmers struggle so much, if they aren't doing detailed soil tests and applying the necessary minerals, then they're just hoping and praying that everything works out.

There is a better way.